Greenroad has moved four transformers from Shanghai, China, to Oromia, Ethiopia.

Weighing 130 tonnes, the shipment was first transported to the port of Djibouti onboard the breakbulk vessel Harar. The transformers were unloaded by the ship’s own cranes and secured onto trailers.

Greenroad then coordinated the 619 km journey from Galafi in Djibouti to the project site in Ethiopia.

“Generally speaking, it was a very hard trip through the desert of the Afar region of Ethiopia,” said Greenroad. “When the rainy season comes to Ethiopia, it is almost impossible to organise and perform the transportation with minimal expense because of the slippery road, hot weather and steep hills. A total of 197 km from Galafi to Semera (capital of Afar state) are along winding roads on the hills.”

Greenroad escorted the cargo in cooperation with traffic police. The company’s trucks had to navigate parts of the route at a speed of approximately 3-4 km per hour, while the road was blocked to allow the convoy to pass.