Höegh Autoliners has shipped a tubular feeding machine from Germany to Singapore on board its ro-ro vessel Höegh Trapper on behalf of F.H. Bertling.

The machine weighed 36 tonnes and measured 24.5 m long. It was stowed with the foundation on squared timber sections and placed on Höegh’s 72-ft (21.9-m) roll-trailer. The solution meant the cargo’s weight was evenly distributed on the roll-trailer, ensuring its stability whilst in transit, said Höegh.

Dominique Mytanz, from Höegh’s sales team in Germany, said: “Our liner service from Europe to Asia allows F.H. Bertling to plan the shipment in advance, ensuring it reaches its destination in a timely manner. Having a reliable schedule also allows them to deliver the cargo directly to the port eliminating storage cost.”