Höegh Autoliners has shipped an art sculpture onboard its ro-ro vessel Höegh Beijing from Vigo in Spain to Port Everglades, USA.

Noatum Logistics contracted Höegh for the ocean transportation of the sculpture, which consisted of five large irregular-shaped pieces of varying weights and heights. Designed by Spanish artist Manolo Valdés, the sculpture is destined for a gallery in the USA.

Höegh used its super-low roll-trailers, which can carry cargo weighing up to 75 tonnes, to load the cargoes.

Iñaki Echeverria, head of Höegh’s team in Spain, said: “Our roll-trailers are especially designed for smooth and safe transportation of non-rolling cargo. By rolling the cargo onboard it reduces the risk of damage as there is no lifting required at both load and discharge port.”

The art pieces were then stored underdeck on the vessel to protect them from damage during the journey.