Georgia-headquartered LS Heavylift is in the process of moving oversize and heavy modules at the SOCAR Azerkimiya EP-300 plant in Azerbaijan.

LS Heavylift positions a 306-tonne module at the SOCAR complex.

Two valve structure modules – weighing 306 tonnes each with a height of 25 m – have already been moved into position at the chemical complex by means of self-propelled trailers.

LS Heavylift is also preparing to transport and position a 45 m-high, 1,500-tonne furnace module within the plant using Goldhofer modular trailers.

Irakli Tsankashvili, chief executive officer at LS Heavylift, said the move will be “record-breaking for the region”. 42 axle lines (3 lines of 14) will be used to position the 1,500-tonne module, something that is particularly challenging due to the component’s very high and offset centre of gravity. It will be the first time that a structure with such weight and dimensions will have been moved in the region, he stated.

Tsankashvili added that LS Heavylift operates large fleet of modern trucks, trailers and modular axle lines, including SPMTs. Its mother company, Logistics Solutions, focuses on international freight forwarding activities with offices in multiple countries.