Mammoet has delivered 22 pieces of gas production equipment to an onshore processing facility compression site (OPFC) on the island of Sakhalin, Russia.

The transport and heavy lift specialist said that the remote island location and lack of infrastructure posed several challenges. The only access for large deliveries is via barge, passing through the Sea of Okhotsk that is susceptible to high winds and stormy conditions. Additionally, the island does not have a sheltered port capable of withstanding the weight of the equipment.

To navigate these challenges, Mammoet created a three-stage temporary beach landing area. Each unit was individually transferred using SPMTs from the seagoing barge to a smaller barge, which berthed at the 200 m-long temporary beach landing facility. The components were then moved 7 km inland to the project site.

Dmitry Matsiborko, project manager said that the initial schedule for the move was 17 days, but the Mammoet team completed it in five.