The joint venture between Mammoet and Giant Heavy Machinery Services is providing transportation and load-out services for Taiwan’s first locally fabricated wind turbine jacket foundations.

“We are excited to leverage Mammoet-Giant’s engineering expertise to assist us with the design of lifting arrangements that will ensure efficient and safe operations. Mammoet-Giant joint venture’s wide range of lifting and transport technology is enabling time and cost efficiencies for this project,” said Sing Da Marine Structure Corporation (SDMS), which is building the equipment.

The joint venture will assemble, transport and load-out of the jackets, which weigh approximately 1,200 tonnes each. A PTC200-DS ring crane will assemble the jackets by first upending the lower jacket structure before installing both the upper structure and transition pieces at a single location.

72 axle lines of SPMTs will then transport each jacket roughly 1.2 km from the fabrication line to a storage area. Four jackets will be assembled simultaneously; the crane will also complete multiple heavy lifts to load-out each jacket onto barges.

SDMS and Danish energy company Ørsted are developing the project.