Sarens recently used its CC2800-1 crane to manoeuvre and install a wooden frame for an Olympic swimming pool roof at a busy site in Algiers, Algeria.

The project was completed on behalf of client CEDY. Sarens selected the CC2800-1 crawler crane in SSL 84m main boom configuration, as well as an AC-100 and telescopic forklift for the job. The CC2800-1 was used due to the large radius of the lifts (up to 70 m) required to install the roof frame.

The CC2800-1 was transported directly from another project site 600 km west of Algiers. However, accessing the narrow urban work site and assembling the equipment proved to be the most challenging part of the project. The crew had to communicate closely with the client to find a successful arrangement for assembling the 600-tonne lifting capacity crawler crane.

Sarens engineering manager Yassine Amrouche explained: “This is a site in the centre of the capital, Algiers, with very important traffic all around the site making access difficult and challenging … We had to bring one truck at a time on site, so it was necessary to schedule truck access in order to unload and directly assemble received items to release trucks and receive other ones.”

With the equipment in place, Sarens lifted the 60 m-long, 25-tonne roof frame into position. The operation was completed successfully thanks to the dedicated work of one project engineer, one lifting supervisor, one crane operator, and two riggers.

Aghiles Cherbi, Sarens project engineer, added: “Working with a big crawler crane in the centre of Algiers was a good challenge for us, and one we have successfully mastered. We responded in time to all client requirements and delivered a high quality result.”