September 12 - In the Philippines, ALE has completed the load-out of 111 oversize modules ranging from 31 to 1,925 tonnes.

The project began in January 2013 at the Bauan Batangas fabrication yard in the Philippines and the first load out took place in April 2013.

During the project, the delivery of a vessel was delayed and ALE had to skid the 135-tonne vessel to a new location in order to avoid disrupting the assembly of the modules. This was achieved using a push-pull system, hydraulic jacks and a hyjack frame.

The final module load-out was executed on August 26, 2014 - 104 axle-lines of Nicolas SPMTS equipped with five power pack units were used to move modules weighing 1,925 tonnes and 966 tonnes respectively.

Commending the ALE Philippines division's work on the project, Noli Cainto, head of operations in the country said: "Our branch in the Philippines is making their presence felt in the local market and as we are continuing to develop, we are looking forward to starting work on our next project."