December 3 - South African mining and oil industry interests created two recent movements for maindeck capacity provider Cargolux to the country.

Bulldozers for underground mining operations in South Africa are usually shipped from Canada by ocean freight. However, Cargolux received an urgent request from Sandvik, South Africa to fly a bulldozer for a Sandvik conference in Johannesburg, held in mid-October. The bulldozer was loaded onboard Cargolux's B747-400 freighter in New York then flown via Luxembourg to its final destination in Johannesburg. This meant the item met the exhibition deadline. The freight forwarder for the movement was DHL.

From the other direction, Cargolux in Singapore was tasked with moving sixty 23 m pipes for an oil drilling project in Cape Town from Singapore to Johannesburg. The palletised cargo was moved on several 40 tonne platforms, each loaded with 15 pipes. They were loaded side by side on each of the charter flights to South Africa, occupying sixteen maindeck positions. The client was one of Cargolux's regulars, Ceva Freight (Singapore).