December 24 - MacGregor - subsidiary of equipment manufacturer Cargotec - in the last quarter secured a number of new winch orders. The equipment will serve the strong demand for maintenance, hook-up and commissioning services for existing oil platforms o

"As oil prices remain high and oil majors continue to invest in exploration and production activities in the region, this has continued to boost the demand for new businesses relating to these services," said Francis Wong, director, segment sales and marketing, offshore, MacGregor.

Orders include two eight-point mooring systems - each with a 90 tonne line pull; a 150 tonne brake holding capability and a 1,500 m x 50 mm diameter wire drum capacity - for accommodation work barges.

Under a similar arrangement, a four-point mooring system with a 50 tonne line pull, a 120 tonne brake holding capability and a 1,500 m x 42 mm diameter wire drum capacity, will be fitted on board a 78 m/200-person maintenance/work vessel. The contract also includes MacGregor auxiliary winches.

Two other four-point mooring systems will be delivered to two 80 m/200-person maintenance/work vessels under construction at Shin Yang Shipyard in Malaysia.