January 31 - A new semi-trailer concept which provides a high degree of flexibility has been launched by Pfedelbach-based vehicle manufacturer Scheuerle and its sister company Nicolas from France.

The "Superflex" semi-trailer (pictured below) is a new type of semi-trailer with hydraulically movable axles. Along with the standard version, further models such as "single-telescopic" and "double-telescopic" are also available.

The new low-bed semi-trailer with pendulum axles has an axle compensation of around 650 mm (245/70-R17.5 tyres). This is essential to ensure careful handling of both frame and vehicle when operating on rough terrain.

In addition, the steering angle of 60 deg provides maximum manoeuvrability.

In spite of the compact design, 1.5 m axle line spacings can be realised which facilitates the approval procedure with regard to driving over bridges due to the better load distribution.

The use of top quality steel, as well as optimised manufacturing processes, allows the realisation of these vehicle characteristics as well as achieving an extremely low deadweight, says Scheuerle.

Superflex is available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-axle versions. The new concept was unveiled at this year's Solutrans fair in Lyon, France.