November 4 - HAE Group has been chosen to represent 2Excel Aviation UK as it commences commercial freighter flights from the UK using its B727-2S2F.

Based out of Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire, the freighter operation was established after 2Excel secured a contract to support OSRL in emergency response situations in the oil and gas industry.
Neville Karai, director at HAE Group, commented: "Having Boeing 727F aircraft based at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, offers the industry an opportunity to have reliable and cost effective charter and network solutions that can be deployed worldwide. In addition the 2Excel team are specialists in hard to operate locations and handling challenging projects."

Andy Offer OBE, director of 2Excel Aviation, added: "Choosing to work with HAE Group has been a very positive decision on our part. HAE has taken time to understand our core competencies, helped us focus on the markets we should look to address and they work as part of our team. We now look forward to becoming known as a quality service provider within commercial cargo operations, as we have in some of the bespoke aviation activities we have been doing since 2006"