March 24 - The UK and German members of the project forwarding network, Project Professionals Group, have worked together to transport an over-dimensional compressor weighing 52 tonnes from Scotland to Mexico via Antwerp.

Quality Freight UK partnered with German PPG member Karl Gross Internationale Spedition to package and deliver the compressor that measured over 12 metres long, four metres wide and almost six metres high.

The cargo was loaded at King George V dock, in Peel Ports' Glasgow harbour for onward movement to Altamira, Mexico, via transhipment at Antwerp.

Quality Freight UK managed all UK operations, including ex-factory to terminal movement, quay handling services including the co-ordination of specialised heavy lift equipment, and the provision of agency services.

Karl Gross Internationale was responsible for transhipment operations at Antwerp and onward movement to the final destination.

PPG general manager Kevin Stephens says that the shipment highlights the benefits of PPG membership, particularly the opportunity to work alongside tried and proven industry professionals, adding that: "Teamwork and networking is also a big part of the PPG annual conference, to be held in Las Vegas, from May 7 to 9, 2014, assisting members to plan upcoming project cargo transportations."