May 6 - A small but perfectly formed heavy lift movement with a difference, requiring the most delicate and gentlest of handling, saw the safe installation of Bethany Grace Peacock at an undisclosed location in the North of England.

Bethany is the daughter of Jillian Peacock, group marketing manager of Abnormal Load Services (ALS), and her husband Matt Peacock, ALS' group management account.

Cargo handlers masquerading as midwives and consultants, who had earlier predicted an arrival weight of .0032 tonnes, safely handled the .0045 tonne consignment.

Suspicions of undue influence on the part of the father in the naming were aroused with the news that Bethany's initials - BP - did not refer to a industry leading petroleum company but Boothferry Park, the former ground of Hull City football club.

Consignee Jillian is in good health and the consignment has bedded in well, though early reports suggest a higher than expected consumption of food has been experienced.