July 15 - In Denmark, the Port of Aalborg has ordered a HMK 7608 B Mobile Harbour Crane from Gottwald Port Technology GmbH (Gottwald).

A variant of Model 7 in Gottwald's current Generation 5 series, this 4-rope crane has a 50-tonne grab curve, is classified as A8, has a maximum lifting capacity of 140 tonnes and a maximum radius of 51 m.

Aalborg will use this diesel-electric crane for handling bulk materials, containers and general cargo, and especially project cargoes such as components for wind turbines weighing up to 140 tonnes. 

Pictured is a Model 7, G HMK 7408 B four-rope crane, handling wind turbine components at Socarpor, Portugal. A similar machine is being manufactured in Düsseldorf and is expected to become operational in the Port of Aalborg from November 2009.