May 4 - UK-based ALE, the global heavy transport and lifting company, has successfully completed the inaugural lift of its new Terex Demag CC8800-1 crane.

In the process, the item was the heaviest piece lifted by this model and created what is believed to a record for the heaviest lift ever in the field by a Terex Demag crane. The lift, with a total weight of 1,457 tonnes, took place in Sines, Portugal.

The record-breaking lift was included in a range of work that saw ALE successfully transport two reactors from Italy to the Galp Energia refinery in Sines, Portugal involving a combination of sea transport, road transport and heavy crane lifting.

The reactors were transported from Italy to Portugal using a 1,800 tonne capacity self-geared ship. After arriving in Sines, they were offloaded and stored temporarily at the port. Transfer to the refinery involved 68 axle lines of self-propelled modular trailer off the public highway and over roads through a mine area with 10 percent inclines.

Once at the refinery, the reactors were erected using the CC8800-1. Tailing was completed using a gantry especially designed by ALE. The new reactors are part of a conversion project at Galp Energia's Sines refinery.