September 18 - ALE has installed a 1,538-tonne accommodation module and a 702-tonne service module on the Petrobras P-74 floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit in Rio de Janeiro.

ALE used its AL.SK190 crane, which was containerised and shipped into Brazil from the Middle East.

The AL.SK190 occupies a footprint of 35 m x 35 m and can lift up to 4,300 tonnes, with a maximum boom height of almost 200 m and a load moment of 196,000 tonnes/m.

The crane's 118.5 m main mast was positioned to reach and lift pieces from one single position, without the need for the crane to be repositioned or the FPSO to be removed from the dock at Petrobras' shipyard.

"Using the AL.SK190 crane saved up to two months in downtimes as our customer did not have to take the FPSO out of the dock," said sales manager at ALE, Giovanni Alders.

The crane performed three lifts to install the accommodation module, service module and helideck. Operating from a fixed position minimised the ground space required and enabled contraction work to go on around the base, explained ALE.

ALE also completed a range of site moves using a total of 56 axle lines of self-propelled transporters.