July 5 - A duo of dock-related projects has been undertaken by ALE Heavylift Ib

The first project was the installation of a dry dock gate at Rio Grande shipyard, Brazil while the second was the rescue of a damaged container crane at Alicante harbour in Spain.

In Brazil, ALE successfully performed the installation of a 2000 tonne at the dry dock of Rio Grande shipyard. With dimensions of 25.8m long, 12m wide and 15.5m, the gate installation required five jacking and four skidding movements.

In Spain, a damaged container crane at Alicante harbour was rescued by ALE. The 980 tonne crane was moved five metres towards land using 500 tonne capacity skidshoes in order to install a gantry which will support the weight of the crane during the repairs of the bearing beam and leg no.2 which were damaged by a ship. The gantry is a 42 m high structure.

Once the maintenance and repairs have been completed, ALE will skid the crane to its original position and disassemble the gantry.