December 10 - UK headquartered heavy lift and transport specialist ALE has completed its first project with the use of its Mega Jack System, utilising it to install a building roof at 4,000 metres above sea level in Argentina.

Capable of lifting 50,000 tonnes to a height of 25 metres, the Mega Jack System has been developed to meet increasing demand in the offshore industry to lift larger and heavier oil and gas platform modules and other large structures.

The Argentine project presented the ALE team with challenging conditions, including high wind speeds of up to 150km/hr, temperatures ranging from -30 to +20, air pressure as little as 0.6 bar - and within an earthquake area.

Due to the high altitude and harsh weather conditions the girders for the roof were preassembled at a lower altitude and transported to the installation site. ALE then brought in the Mega Jack System to raise the roof in three sections weighing 1,500 tonnes each.

ALE utilised four towers of the Mega Jack System - with a total lifting capacity of 20,000 tonnes and ten 90-tonne capacity hydraulic skid shoes.

The roof of the building was positioned in three sections above the ground on temporary stands. ALE then used skid systems at each end of the building to enable the side sections of the roof to be moved inward.