January 22 - ALE has offloaded eight components that will be assembled to create a prototype wind turbine for an offshore wind project in Fife, Scotland.

ALE used a Gottwald AK912-1 and various other assist cranes to lift two 350-tonne tower sections, one 525-tonne nacelle, three 85 m long and 80-tonne blades, one 480-tonne jacket and a 475-tonne T piece.

The components were lifted from the ship onto SPMTs and transported to the site, where they were positioned on temporary steel supports.

The 7 MW prototype turbine has a nacelle height of 110 m and a blade tip height of 196 m above sea level.

"The prototype will be used as a trial prior to the installation of the wind farm in Scotland; the pieces were not out of the ordinary in terms of weight for us, however with sections at 85 m long some preparatory work was done to ensure the stability and method for transportation," said Andy Hunt, project engineering manager at ALE.