April 20 - Abnormal Load Services (International) Ltd has provided UK port and vessel agency services for three renewable energy projects in Scotland.

ALS handled the ships agency and discharge of three wind turbines for Lairg Wind Farm via Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands. The turbines had been carried into the port of Pool Carriers coaster, Tim B, pictured below.

The company coordinated the use of mobile cranes for the 801 tonne cargo discharge from a gearless vessel over a two-day period and also provided alternative laydown and storage facilities at a site a short distance from the port. Subsequently, it handled a further shipment of seven wind turbines for Gordonbush Windfarm also via Invergordon.

The company also handled the discharge of nine wind turbine towers from six vessels destined for the Drone Hill wind farm via the Port of Blyth, UK. This first phase involved using both mobile and port cranes to discharge and place the turbines into quayside storage. Phase 2 has also now been completed by ALS and consisted of an additional 13 turbines.