June 17 - ALS UK has successfully completed the transport of a high and wide storage tank, from AV Dawsons in Middlesbrough to Wilton Power Plant, Teeside, UK.

ALS were responsible for carrying out a high load route survey, removal of street furniture, permits and liasion with authorities.

In view of the quite exceptional dimensions, ALS selected an 8-row modular axle combination trailer to transport the tank, for stability purposes.

Due to the almost 8 metre height of the load, along the route, overhead cables had to be raised and returned after the load had passed, as they were lower than the overall height of the transport.

British Telecommunications and also private escort vehicles accompanied the load throughout the whole journey.

Although with only a short distance to travel, this abnormal load required attention to detail and a high level of communication between ALS, police and local authorities to ensure it's safe and timely delivery to site.

The load was collected and delivered within the same day as per the requirements of the client.