May 27 - BACA, the Baltic Air Charter Association, says the decision by BAA to scrap plans for new runways at Heathrow and Stansted is unlikely to harm air charters and may, in fact, benefit the charter industry in the long run.

The group, which represents air charter brokers and others involved in the commercial aviation industry, says that eventually the lack of runway space is likely to cause congestion and delays for both passengers and freight.

"When that happens, using charter aircraft via the smaller regional airports will become an even more attractive option," says BACA Chairman, Dick Gilbert. "Of course, this is good for the smaller airports and the local economy as well as for the charter market."

BACA is the world's largest network for the air charter market. Its principal objective is to promote integrity and ethical business practices. It offers training and networking opportunities for members and liaises with aviation and government bodies, lobbying on matters of concern and interest to its members.