August 24 - Following clearance by the authorities, Beluga Fraternity and Beluga Foresight have left Vladivostok and both multipurpose heavy lift project carriers are now on route through the legendary Northeast Passage, their next destination being Novyy

Meanwhile Beluga Family, having sailed from Antwerp to Murmansk, is already in Yamburg (opposite Novvy Port) and is busy discharging project cargoes.

All three vessels are transporting equipment for a power plant, destined for the city of Surgut. Among the cargoes being carried by the three vessels are two generators weighing 271 and 272 tons, as well as 44 power plant modules with single weights of more than 100 tons each.

Only Beluga Fraternity and Beluga Foresight will transit the whole Northeast Passage, whilst Beluga Family will return from Yamburg / Novyy Port to Europe.