December 19 - Clipper Steel Services - sister company of specialist heavy lift line Clipper Projects - has transported a number of steel beams for the New York Freedom Tower which will become the centrepiece of the new World Trade Centre in Lower Manhatta

A large amount of the steel used in the tower, also known as the One World Trade Centre, has been manufactured in Luxembourg by steel and mining concern ArcelorMittal.

Clipper Steel Services is one of the largest steel carriers from Europe to the US. Of the 15,000 tonnes of steel beams delivered by ArcelorMittal to the Freedom Tower jobsite, roughly 80 percent has been carried on Clipper Steel Services vessels from the Port of Antwerp through the ports of Camden and Savannah.

When completed in 2013 the Freedom Tower will be the third-tallest building in the world at 541.3 m. It will stand as a memorial to the victims of the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks.