June 26 - British heavy lift company R Collett & Sons (Transport) has recently handled two significant global shipments of diesel engines, utilising the company's heavy lift terminal to consolidate the cargo.

The shipments were MAN diesel engines and equipment being moved to the Bahamas Electricity Corporation for placement on two different islands in the Bahamas.

One movement was of two 100 tonne engines from Korea to Bimini island and the other was of four 72 tonne engines from Denmark to Eleuthera. The cargo was consolidated at Collett's Mistral Point terminal, then shipped to the islands and installed on the foundations of new power stations.

"The challenge was to combine the projects to provide maximum efficiency, reduce project timelines and deliver on schedule. Synchronised operations to a specific two week timeline were required with cargo consolidated at Collett's heavy lift terminal in UK," says Richard Platts, senior projects manager.

"Delivery to two minor islands in the Bahamas requiring the transfer of equipment from normal heavy lift ships to small landing craft was necessary as the islands do not have proper port facilities. The contract included moving UK-based Collett vehicles, equipment and staff to the islands to carry out the work."

In July, Collet is undertaking a similar move in the region with another move in the Dutch Antilles for the power generation industry.