September 25 - Anish Kapoor's new sculpture, "Tall Tree and the Eye" is to be newly displayed in the courtyard of London's Royal Academy of Arts thanks to some carefully planned transport by Cory Logistics.

The exceptional piece, which is now ready for its official unveiling, within a major exhibition of the artist's work at the London gallery, is a steel structural arrangement inspired by the words of the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke, and consists of 76 shiny spheres, which bubble up to the level of the surrounding Palladian buildings. 

Despite is 15 metre height, it projects a vision of weightlessness when viewed from the ground below.

Oceanbridge arranged shipment from Tauranga, New Zealand through to arrival in Tilbury, UK from where Cory Logistics project-managed the UK delivery through the heart of central London with a Police escort.