January 27 - Encouraged by several years of successful, well supported service in the offshore Industry, COSCO Shipping Company is continuing to expand its semi-submersible heavy lift fleet.

Recently, a newbuilding semi-submersible vessel - Xiang Yun Kou - was delivered to COSCO Shipping byGuangzhou Shipyard International.

Cosco states that the design and construction of Xiang Yun Kou is in conformity to the highest class requirements both of CCS and DNV. The vessel features independent engine rooms, twin propellers and diesel-electric propulsion, and weighs in at 48,231 dwt with a draft of 13 m, laden draft 9.68 m and a maximum submerged draft of 26 m.

216.7 m long overall, the ship also features an open cargo deck that is 177.6 m long and 43 m wide, larger than a standard football field. Fully bunkered, it can sail for 18,000 nautical miles.

Currently, a sister ship is under construction with delivery expected in mid 2011.

"Xiang Yun Kou and her sister ship are constructed to meet the rapidly growing demand in the offshore transportation market. Equipped to handle cargoes of around 30,000 tonnes, with a Vertical Centre of Gravity (VCG) up to 25 m which can be float-on and off, of skidde-on from the stern.

Following the introduction of earlier vessels into service, Tai An Kou and "Kang Sheng Kou, in 2002 and 2003 respectively, COSCO Shipping has established a high reputation for safe and efficient transportation and float-over projects across the world.