June 11 - Hovertrans Solutions Pte Ltd. (Hovertrans Solutions), a leading designer and manufacturer of hoverbarges for heavy lift in difficult terrain in the global oil and gas, and specialist transportation industries, says that its smaller hoverbarges c

The company's range of amphibious hoverbarges is capable of carrying hundreds of tonnes in payload over swamps, wetlands and shallow water, enabling heavy equipment, large quantities of oil spill dispersant and a large personnel base to be located in the heart of the wetlands. A significant advantage of the hoverbarge is that it only exerts 1psi ground pressure whilst on hover, thus minimising any environmental footprint and further damage to the wetlands. 

"Hovertrans Solutions' new modular range of hoverbarges, ranging from 50 tonnes to 400 tonnes, are constructed from specially designed pontoons with a modular skirt and lift fan system. These allow the hoverbarges to be trucked to the location and assembled on-site, enabling access to inland areas such as lakes, rivers and wetlands. We believe our smaller hoverbarges could prove useful for the oil spill recovery in Louisiana," said James Soon, president, Hovertrans Solutions 

Hovertrans Solutions is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd (ST Marine) and led by a management team responsible for pioneering the heavy lift hoverbarge since the 1970s. ST Marine is the marine arm of ST Engineering and provides turnkey building, repair and conversion services for a wide spectrum of naval and commercial vessels.

Small hoverbarges can be used for boom deployment and oil spill recovery as illustrated in the pictures below.