June 9 - Working to a just-in-time schedule, DB Schenker is set to transport approximately 12,500 tonnes of prefabricated concrete walls from Neubrandenburg to Sweden between now and next spring for the construction of apartment blocks.

Earlier this month, the Central Rail Logistics and Forwarding department (RLF) of Schenker Deutschland AG handled the movement of the first eight of a total of more than 400 special containers by rail to Scandinavia.

Until the end of July, the company will supply these concrete elements to the construction site for 70 apartments in Västeras, 80 km west of Stockholm, for Praefa GmbH, a company which specializes in expanded clay wall elements.

Between August and October this year, further large-scale projects handled by the housing and construction company ByggVesta AB will follow in Malmö and Stockholm.

"We have implemented not only the most cost effective solution for the customer, but above all the most ecological just-in-time supply concept for these large-scale projects," stressed Dr. Hansjörg Rodi, chairman of the Management Board of Schenker Deutschland AG.

"Compared with pure truck transport, we save more than 80 percent of carbon emissions on the Neubrandenburg-Västeras route alone."

To achieve that target, Praefa invested around EUR75,000 to upgrade its own transport equipment. Following the conversion of 30 flat-rack containers, the freight can now be loaded at any container terminal using special reach stackers.