November 12 - A new rugged self-contained data recorder, recording linear acceleration, rotational velocity and tilt angles at 50 Hz frequency has been launched.

DLogg uses GPRS technology, enabling it to log its location and email the information at predetermined intervals.

Using Bluetooth radio communication technology, the data can be viewed in real time on a laptop computer.

Its ability to measure and record motion in all six degrees of freedom simultaneously means that the dynamic properties of the vessel can be analysed in detail, according to Glasgow-based Malin Marine Consultants Ltd, which developed DLogg.

"The effect of variable sea states on a vessel or load can be investigated in post-processing, to provide a full report to owners and insurers," said a spokesman.

The DLogg unit is 334mm x 200mm x 44mm and weighs 5.2 kg. It can be mounted directly onto a load or stay with a vehicle on land or a ship at sea.

DLogg has been used to monitor the transfer of sections of the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier being built at several locations around Britain and assembled at Rosyth, UK. Recently, DLogg was mounted on the leading tug and one on the barge (see picture).