December 13 - Breda-based shipping company Dockwise has been awarded six new contracts, letters of intent and contract extensions totalling USD60 million.

Contracts include a material change order for a Vanguard contract delivering the customer a later loading window, and five shorter-term contracts for execution in 2012 and 2013. The assignments include the movement of two drilling rigs and the transportation of a yacht-hotel.

Letters of intent have been signed for a float-over project in Asia during 2015; and a second project in the Americas utilising Dockwise's new floating super pallet concept for 2013.

Andre Goedee, ceo, Dockwise commented: "These important contract wins underscore the soundness of our strategy and customer confidence in our capabilities.

"We continue to see occasional delays in the completions of projects on which we are actively engaged but no longer term oil & gas projects have been withdrawn and tender activity continues in full force," he added.