September 20 - CNC Freight Services has arranged the door-to-door transportation of a Hydrocarbon Drain Drum (HDD) and an Amine Drain Drum from Malaysia to Canada.

Due to a lack of conventional sailings to Canada, the oversized HDD had to be shipped separately to a different port of discharge in Seattle, USA, as breakbulk cargo on a container vessel.

The Amine Drain Drum and remaining small cargoes were shipped in 1.2 m x 12.2 m open-top containers to Vancouver.

The HDD was 11.1 m long, 3.6 m wide and 4 m high, with a gross weight of 56.2 tonnes. The Amine Drum was 7.7 m long, 2 m wide and 2.5 m high, and weighed in at 10.3 tonnes

Having consulting Rohde & Liesenfield Canada Ltd about port viability, route accessibility and road permit issues, CNC managed to deliver the consignment to its final destination in Tofield, Alberta.

The whole operation, from start to finish, took 27 days, with the road transport from Seattle to the job site taking five days.

CNC Freight Services is a member of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN).