May 31 - Following the Breakbulk Europe event, which was very successful for the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE), Wolfgang Karau, director for the equipment and manufacturers network revealed that two new areas - Rail Operators and Rigging & Skidding - woul

Karau said: "After having experienced likewise favourable interest and support for the CEE network from various players in heavy cargo transportation during the Intermodal Fair in Sao Paolo, Brazil, one month before, we exhibited in Antwerp and again enjoyed an overwhelming interest for our activities. Our CEE booth staff had their hands full to deliver requested information about the network and its membership companies to the many visitors on both days of the exhibition.

"The network has existed three years only and recognised companies have joined the CEE to market their various equipment and services for actual movement of heavy and outsized cargo.

"CEE management is convinced this type of network delivers an important and popular tool for buyers of heavy cargo transportation, enabling them to locate and identify the right specialists for individual complicated movements on a global scale and at the same time elevates the membership companies' services to a global level of recognition."

After Breakbulk Europe, the CEE network conducted its third annual membership conference which was attended by 40 member representatives, pictured below.

 CEE is a global network for equipment owners such as haulers, crane operators, tug and barge operators, stevedores and export packers, port operators, rail operators, riggers and skidders, surveyors, air cargo handling equipment owners and supporting industry, serving the heavy and outsized cargo industry.