January 15, 2013 - Portland, Oregon-based Erickson Air-Crane Inc. has signed a deal with oil and gas company Pacific Rubiales Energy to provide heavy lift helicopter services in central Peru.

The contract began on January 2 and will run for a minimum of 12 months. The agreement is valued at between USD11 - 14 million dependent on total flight hours.

Erickson ceo, Udo Rieder, was excited by the partnership and believes it will strengthen the company's presence in the South American market: "We believe our unique capabilities will continue to create opportunities to increase our share of the South American market with new, significant, and non-seasonal sources of revenue."

Erickson will assist Pacific Rubiales Energy in moving drill rig components and supplies between exploratory sites in remote areas of east-central Peru. Erickson will provide one S64-F Aircrane helicopter, pilots, full field maintenance support crews, parts and components under terms of the contract.