June 1 - Erik Lindbergh, the renowned aviator and grandson of world famous Charles Lindbergh, has joined global aircraft charter specialists Air Charter Service as a brand ambassador.

Erik's grandfather, Charles Lindbergh , was a legendary pioneer of aviation. His most notable and famed achievement was becoming the first person to successfully fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. He flew solo in single-engine monoplane dubbed 'The Spirit of St Louis' , from Roosevelt Field, New York to Le Bourget Airport, France where he was greeted by thousands of cheering Parisians. The journey took Charles 33172 hours to complete. In 2002 Erik recreated the feat on the 75th anniversary of his grandfather's achievement, by flying the single-engine'The New Spirit Of St Louis' from New York to Paris.

Erik (pictured below) is on the Board of Directors of The Lindbergh Foundation . The Foundation was established in 1977 - 50 years after Charles's historic flight - by General James H. Doolittle , Astronaut Neil Armstrong and close friend of the Lindberghs (Charles and his wife Anne), James D. Newton . Their intent is to honour the Lindberghs' pioneering contributions in aviation, exploration, conservation, sciences and the humanities.

Erik is also heavily involved in the pioneering X-Prize - promoting space travel for the public, as well as his electric flight program LEAP (Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Programme).

Chris Leach , chairman and founder of ACS, said: "It is a great honour to have Erik on board as our brand ambassador - his pioneering work in the world of aviation is inspiring and he shares our visions for the future of how we travel around the planet."

Erik commented: "I have been friends with Chris and ACS for some time now and was thrilled at the opportunity to work closer with such a great team. I'm very excited to contribute to ACS's fantastic business model and help it continue itsimpressive growth in the years to come."

Erik will be working with ACS on a number of projects for both its cargo and passenger divisions.