November 23 - Further to our previous report (18.11.09), phase Four of the UK Highways Agency's Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL) service went live today.

ESDAL is a free website that will enable hauliers to save time and admin costs by notifying Abnormal Load movements to the relevant structure owners and police.

Phase Four introduces the ability to perform route appraisals for an indication of vehicle suitability. Additional functionality provides self-management of structures by owners and a facility for both police and highway authorities to add constraints, such as road works, special events or local restrictions to the roads they are responsible for.

Recent enhancements to the system include providing hauliers with a transmission status page for each notification sent and the ability to add annotations to explain unusual manoeuvres that may be required which will be visible to the police, structure and road owners.

Hauliers wishing to find out more about ESDAL and register their details online should visit the website

Alternatively, application forms can be requested by emailing a company name and address to: register@esdal.comor by contacting the ESDAL Helpdesk on 01642 636789.

Provided below are some screen shots of the system showing examples of functionality currently available.