April 20 - With the imminent commissioning of a new freight ship, Felbermayr's capabilities in regards to waterborne transport has received a considerable boost.

About 200 tonnes of steel have been used for the renovation and conversation of a inland navigation vessel from a dry freight to heavy lift ship.

The work started in September 2010 after the ship went aground in the Linz shipyard (ÖSWAG). The deck was aligned with the main deck by the experienced shipbuilding engineers and the cargo area was rebuilt with Hardox sheets, known for their resistance to wear.

"This offers the optimal prerequisites, even for heavy freight," comments Horst Felbermayr, who had the ship renamed "Horst Felix".

The wheelhouse is equipped with a scissor lift, which means that it is easier to keep track of cargoes, even heavier loads.

Other highlights in terms of future heavy loads were the external reinforcement of the bow and the installation of a 1,200 cu m ballast chamber, says Felbermayr, making it "possible to load and unload the ship using a ro-ro ramp. And the ballast chamber can be flooded with water when needed in order to be able to vary the draft of the ship, as can be necessary to travel under bridges."