December 10 - Hilden, Germany headquartered crane service provider Felbermayr recently replaced four gigantic whey tanks at the Leppersdorf facility of dairy company Sachsenmilch, where a Terex AC 1000, the world's most powerful all-terrain crane, proved

One challenge was the project's requirement that the lifts and crane set up did not interrupt production at the gigantic milk processing plant. This required a plan that had to be followed meticulously in order to successfully replace the tanks in the required timeframe.

The jobsite conditions made things even more difficult with there being very little space in which to manoeuver the crane. Additionally, the ground where the crane had to be set up was on a steep slope.

"In order to compensate for the downhill slope, we supported the AC 1000 by retracting the rear right outrigger almost completely and extending the front left outrigger almost fully, which allowed us to deal with the challenging jobsite," explains Terex service technician Hartwig Bock, who provided support for the project.

The Felbermayr team worked on the four Fridays between August 3 and August 24, 2012 allowing production at Sachsenmilch to go undisturbed.