August 8 - The Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) shipyard in Germany has confirmed that work on the 210 m long con-ro ferry Oceanex Connaigra for Canadian shipping firm Oceanex, which commenced in October 2012 is on schedule, with delivery expected

She has a deadwight of 19,300 tonnes - which is unusually high for a con-ro vessel.  The vessel's design, including deck ramps and clear deck heights means that containers of different sizes as well as trucks, trailers and cars can be stowed on board the ship's 13,700 sq m of available space.

The newbuild comes equipped with a stern ramp and a side ramp. Fixed car decks can be found in the lower hold and below them are hanging decks in the lower hold. Oceanex Connaigra also has an internal ramp system supplying the different trailer and car deck levels.

The vessel has the highest ice classification available and is certified for worldwide transport. Because of heavy weather conditions that the ship will have to cope with and temperatures as low as -30°C, all components are built to the highest criteria, above the usual standard for con-ro ships on the market, says FSG.

The ship was also designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Because of her optimal lines Oceanex Connaigra uses 30 percent less fuel than ships previously in service. In turn, this will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 20,000 tonnes per-year.  The vessel also features a new waste gas de-sulphurisation plant that meets the stricter regulations set to come into force during 2015 for ships in emission control areas.