October 3 - Preparation was the key to success when GAC handled a giant shipment from China to the United Arab Emirates.

GAC Dubai secured the business to move the six m high, 184 tonne tub collar (pictured below) destined for use as the foundation of a crane in a wind-carriers project under construction in Sharjah, UAE.

GAC China coordinated with the port authority to identify the best tidal conditions for the ship to sail.

"GAC has a long track record in managing odd and off-size shipments, and we fully understand that each shipment requires unique attention and dedicated service. Our team has the solid experience and expertise to take care of even the most challenging and unique of project cargoes," said David Burck, General Manager, Logistics, GAC Dubai.

Simon Xu, General Manager, Freight Services, GAC China added "Through the cohesive efforts of GAC colleagues in China and Dubai, the operation went smoothly. We were delighted to have assisted in this project and welcome the opportunity to showcase our services in the future."