December 15 - After the expansion of Broekman Group's participation in Gevelco to 100 0n January 2007, the names of the various parts will be changed.

As from 1 January 2009 the names will be changed into Broekman DistriPort, Broekman Project Services and Broekman Inland Shipping. Together they form the Broekman Special Products Division.

Same has been decided to further strengthen the name Broekman Group in the logistic world. Each division within the Broekman Group has her own (branch) specific discipline, which also applies to Broekman Special Products.

Each company has its own core business. Broekman DistriPort's All Weather Terminal in the Brittanniëhaven has proved to be a reliable transhipment terminal for the steel and non-ferro industry for years. With the latest expansions - a new shed and lengthening of the (deep-sea) quay - this terminal is ready for the future.

Broekman Project Services has its own terminal in Rotterdam Heijplaat, viz. Rotterdam Heavy Lift Centre, for especially project cargoes. It concerns specialized heavy cargo, which a.o. is being handled in sheds with special cranes with a capacity of 750 tons. Broekman Inland Shipping takes care of the transport through the inland waterways to Germany by means of three own and more than fifty chartered barges.

The other divisions of the Broekman Group remain to apply themselves to their own (logistic) activities, such as Automotive, Corporate, Logistics and Shipping.