December 22 - After a year of development, a self-propelled transport system based on the Scheuerle InterCombi series has been ordered by Griffin Coal Mining, one of the biggest strip mining companies in Australia.

Griffin inks Scheuerle heavy weight deal



The transporters are capable of handling strip mining excavators and dumpers weighing up to 700 tonnes and will be utilised if the mining company moves its excavating equipment to new mining locations.

The InterCombi series boasts four 6-axle modules and two 2-axle modules that can be coupled with one another depending on the load.

Twenty of a total of 56 pendulum axles possess a hydrostatic drive. These axles are charged with pressure oil by two Power Pack Units (PPUs). Also fed by the PPUs are the steering cylinder and the axle compensation cylinder, which position the vehicle platform for loading and unloading and ensures the necessary axle compensation while driving over uneven ground.