February 4 - Gulf Agency Services has handled project cargoes from two heavy lift vessels in Djibouti.

The vessel Annette arrived in Djibouti with two 70-tonne transformers, along with 63 packages with a total volume of 208 cu m.

The second vessel, Antje, carried six fermentation tanks, each with a length of 22 m and volume of 887 cu m, and four further fermentation tanks, each with a length of 15 m and volume of 576 cu m, alongside six 40 ft open top containers for Heineken Breweries.

"Gulf Agency Services provided services of agency, husbandry, stevedoring and handling of cargo. By coordinating with the receiver, port Customs and such, we completed the discharging operation," explained general manager of the company, Norman Alexander.

Gulf Agency Services is a representative of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Djibouti.