February 18 - Tianjie Heavy Industries, parent company of THI-Fulangjie, has delivered two 450-tonne straddle carriers, along with one 150-tonne and two 450-tonne marine hoists.

The two straddle carriers were delivered with 30 axle lines of Tianjie SPMTs to a customer for use in the transportation of an offshore windmill monopile.

The 150-tonne marine hoist, which had the dimensions 20 m x 15 m x 11.6 m, was purchased by a domestic yacht company.

THI-Fulangjie also delivered 32 axle lines of modular trailer and four sets of 12 m spacer to an East African client, which used the Tianjie trailers to transport two 88-tonne Rolls Royce engines to a power station in Tanzania.