April 23 - IPSEN LOGISTICS has handled the transport of a 170-tonne ship unloader from the port of Bremen to a fjord in Norway situated about 100 km to the north-west of Trondheim.

The ship unloader, which had the dimensions 15 m x 10 m x 27 m, was erected at the seaport by German supplier Neuero because it had to be shipped in one piece, due to the insufficient operating space for mobile cranes at the Norwegian jobsite.

The cargo was loaded onto SAL Heavy Lift's Lone and shipped to a specially built pier at the construction site before being set down directly onto rails, where the ship unloader became instantly operational.

Work for this job started back in 2012, explained IPSEN. The ship unloader will be used in Marine Harvest's new salmon feed factory on the Valsneset peninsula, which is scheduled to begin production in June 2014.