January 14 - The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has published its International Guidelines in Safe Load Securing for Road Transport, in response to "the gap in global guidance for professionals involved in transporting loads by road", said IRU s

The 76-page document provides comprehensive guidelines for safe load securing during road transport operations. The guidelines are based on the EN 12195-1:2010 standard and also include examples of safe practices from throughout the road transport sector.

The paper has a wide-ranging remit and provides advice on: vehicle structures; packaging methods and materials, restraining techniques such as blocking, filling, wedging, strapping and lashing; calculating if a load is adequately secured, identifying deficiencies and methods of inspection; specific examples of good practice; and information regarding training in load securing and cargo transport.

Operators in the heavy lift, project forwarding and breakbulk sectors will find detailed examples of how to safely secure and transport panels stowed on A-frames, timber loads, large containers and heavy packages, trucks and trailers, steel and aluminium coils.

The paper also includes a safe load securing checklist, a lashing guide, as well as numerous illustrations and infographics of securing methods and equipment.

"Load safety is about achieving safe load systems, which involve suitable vehicle, suitable means of containment, suitable load configuration and suitable load restraint. Participants in the transport chain need to have clear planned procedures for loading, unloading, load containment and securing," explained Martin O'Halloran, ceo, Health and Safety Authority, Ireland.

"The guidelines provide clear practical information on how to achieve safe load securing practices in the workplace. The Health and Safety Authority are confident that the guidelines will influence a sustainable reduction in the numbers of people killed or injured as a result of load related incidents in the workplace and on the road and prevent unnecessary disruption to transport activities," O'Halloran added.

The IRU International Guidelines on Safe Load Securing for Road Transport can be downloaded for free at the company website here.