August 25 - Jumbo Shipping is claiming a new tandem heavy lift record by Jumbo Jubilee.

During the crane tests of the company's latest J-class vessel at the Huisman yard in Schiedam, a ballasted pontoon was lifted out of the water in tandem by the ship's two 900 tonne mast cranes. 

The pontoon, which weighed in excess of 1,980 tonnes - ten percent above the combined safe working load (SWL) of the cranes - which was required to obtain a Lloyds Certificate of Compliance. 

At 1,992 tonnes, Jumbo believes that this is the heaviest load ever lifted by a heavy lift transport ship. 

Earlier that week, both cranes performed a full 360-degree swing with a load of 990 tonnes. Meanwhile, the ship was ballasted to a 4 degree heel angle, in order to test the cranes under all circumstances it can encounter during its working life.
Jumbo Jubilee is the fourth J-class vessel in the Jumbo fleet of 14 in-house designed heavy lift vessels. After final commissioning, the vessel will set sail for Brazil.