April 21 - In mid-April, Jumbo Offshore completed a short series of tests to demonstrate the installation capabilities of its DP2 offshore heavy lift vessels (HLV) in high tidal current velocities.

The ships proved ideally suited for the installation of tidal generators currently being developed by companies such as Swanturbines, OpenHydro and Atlantis.

Because Jumbo's ships can transport and install up to eight units in a single trip with dynamic positioning systems, Jumbo can make optimum use of available tidal windows, leading to efficient installation of large scale subsea tidal energy farms.

To demonstrate the capacity of the DP2-system, Jumbo mobilised Fairplayer to the test site of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) at the Orkney Islands off the Scottish coast for a three day test. During the test, the ships showed its potential in the company of several tidal energy researchers and developers. Amongst them were representatives of EMEC, Swanturbines (subsea generators) and other developers.

The tests were successful and have confirmed Jumbo's ability to install generators weighing up to 1,100 tonnes. With over 3,000 sq m of cargo deck, Jumbo's DP2-vessels are able to transport and install the largest and heaviest of marine generators directly onto the seabed within a tidal flow site. The sea trials demonstrated the vessel's ability to hold station and precisely manoeuvre in the most aggressive and fast flowing spring tides.