April 28 - KALEIDO, Ideas & Logistics was awarded the transportation of 38,000 cu m of wind mill components from China to the USA.

KALEIDO chartered two multipurpose vessels to transport the 75 blades and 47 sets of hubs, which are to be used in the construction of the Baffin wind farm in Kennedy County, Texas. In total, 101 wind turbines will be installed at the farm.

The first shipment for this project was loaded in the Chinese port of Xingang and delivered to the USA's Corpus Christi port, and preparation for the second shipment is currently underway.

KALEIDO described the most challenging part of the operation as the new stacking method for the blades, which differed from the traditional three-tier stackable method to a matrix of 6x6 used in this project.

According to Andrés Fernández, project manager at KALEIDO, the six-tier stackable method allows for optimum stowage: "We were able to load this valuable cargo in one day and a half, and completed lashing and welding operations in four hours."

Similar projects using this particular stacking operations will follow this first undertaking, said KALEIDO.